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Giant Union PHE Technical Service Co., Ltd. is a plate heat exhanger and gasket overseas business company which is jointly invested and established by China’s biggest PHE Vendor THT and the PHE Gasket Manufacturer Xi’an Lianyi Rubber. Our company has the high performance products and leading technical resources from THT and Lianyi Rubber respectively.

Main Products:

Plate type heat exchanger

Heat exchanger unit



  • Features of shell and tube heat exchanger

    The shell-and-tube heat exchanger is a partitioned heat exchanger with the wall surface of the tube bundle enclosed in the shell as the heat transfer surface.This kind of heat exchanger has simple structure, low cost, wide circulation cross section, and easy to clean scale; but it has low heat trans

  • Oil cooler cleaning

    Oil cooler is an oil cooling device commonly used in hydraulic systems and lubrication systems.The use of this equipment can achieve heat exchange between two fluid media with a certain temperature difference, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the oil temperature and ensuring the normal oper

  • Introduction of titanium plate heat exchanger

    The titanium heat exchanger is a series of corrugated metal plates, which form a thin rectangular channel from the new high-efficiency heat exchanger between various plates. The flow resistance and pumping work of the pipe are compared with the general case through half of the heat exchange. In the

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