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Giant Union PHE Technical Service Co., Ltd. is a plate heat exhanger and gasket overseas business company which is jointly invested and established by China’s biggest PHE Vendor THT and the PHE Gasket Manufacturer Xi’an Lianyi Rubber. Our company has the high performance products and leading technical resources from THT and Lianyi Rubber respectively.

Main Products:

Plate type heat exchanger

Heat exchanger unit



  • Production process of industrial steel finned tube radiator

    Industrial steel finned tube radiator production process:1.The ellipticity of the steel pipe should not be greater than 0.3 mm, and other items of the steel pipe should meet the requirements of GB/T 3092, GB/T 3087, and GB/T 8163.2. High-frequency welding or other methods to ensure tightness should

  • How to protect stainless steel steam radiator in winter

    Everyone knows that all the items we use in our lives have their own ways of maintenance. If they are well maintained, it is convenient and quick to use. The steam radiator also needs maintenance, especially in winter, so that the steam can dissipate heat. The device can pass the winter smoothly. Ou

  • Classification of air radiators

    The air radiator uses high-efficiency finned tubes as heat transfer elements, uses steam and other fluids (heat transfer oil, water, etc.) as a working medium, and uses air as another working medium to enhance heat transfer through finned tubes. To achieve the purpose of heating and cooling the work

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