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Giant Union PHE Technical Service Co., Ltd. is a plate heat exhanger and gasket overseas business company which is jointly invested and established by China’s biggest PHE Vendor THT and the PHE Gasket Manufacturer Xi’an Lianyi Rubber. Our company has the high performance products and leading technical resources from THT and Lianyi Rubber respectively.

Main Products:

Plate type heat exchanger

Heat exchanger unit



  • Performance and application of spiral plate heat exchanger

    Structure and performance of spiral plate heat exchanger:1. The equipment is made of two sheets, forming two uniform spiral channels. Two kinds of heat transfer media can flow in full counter current, greatly enhancing the heat transfer effect. Even two kinds of medium with small temperature differe

  • Causes of fouling in heat exchanger

    Let's see why heat exchangers scale? When the equipment is running, its environment is one of the reasons for scaling. thatWell, let's take a look at the common types of dirt?1. Particle fouling: the accumulation of solid particles suspended in a fluid on the surface of a product. This kind of fouli

  • What should be paid attention to in safe operation of heat exchanger

    The safe operation of heat exchanger should pay attention to the following points:l) The initial operation should be slow, and the temperature should be increased gradually;2) Do a good job in preheating the pressure reducing valve and adjusting it after it is put into operation;3) When the unit

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