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7 steps for cleaning and maintenance of tubular condenser

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In the long-term use of the cold storage, if the tube condenser of the cold storage system is not cleaned regularly, a large amount of dirt and dirt will accumulate, which will affect the cooling effect of the cold storage system. Therefore, for the vast majority of users, in the process of using the cold storage, they are nothing more than the correct cleaning method of the condenser.

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Refrigeration believes that the correct way to clean the condenser is as follows:

1. Before cleaning the condenser, close the condenser inlet valveof the cold storage in time;

2. After the valve is closed, discharge the excess water in the Longpu refrigeration system in time;

3. For the best cleaning effect, two temporary circulation systems must be installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the condenser. This circulation system can disassemble the drain valve, safety valve, pressure gauge, etc., and then connect to the external circulation pump through a hose;

4. After the corresponding preparations are completed, the safe, economic, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and durable detergent can be dissolved, and then water is pumped into the condenser from the part of the condenser with a water pump, soaked in circulation for about 3-5 hours to thoroughly clean the condenser Scale;

5. Wait until the dirt in the condenser is cleaned up, drain the sewage in time, replace with clean water and rinse again;

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6. After the entire cleaning process, the end plate of the condenser must be opened, and the brush is used to pull back and forth on the inner wall of the copper tube of each condenser to remove the dirt and grime on the inner wall of the copper tube, so as to make it clean and bright and No corrosion;

7. After cleaning, drain the sewage in time, rinse repeatedly with clean water, and then cover the condenser end cap to restore it to its original state. Add the pre-filming agent and circulate for about 10-20 minutes, soak for 24 hours, and drain the sewage, so that a protective film can be formed in the copper pipe, which not only oxidizes, but also slows down scaling.

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