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What is the structure of the plate heat exchanger

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    Plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of frame and plate. The thin plates made of various materials are pressed into corrugations of different shapes with various types of abrasive tools, and corner holes are opened on the four corners of the plates for medium flow channels. The periphery of the plate and the corner holes are sealed with rubber gaskets. The frame is composed of a fixed pressing plate, a movable pressing plate, upper and lower guide rods and clamping bolts. The plate heat exchanger is made by superimposing the plates between the fixed compression plate and the movable compression plate, and then clamped by clamping bolts. In the design and selection of plate heat exchangers, there are generally certain requirements for pressure drop, so it should be checked. If the check pressure drop exceeds the allowable pressure drop, the design selection calculation needs to be re-calculated until the process requirements are met.

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