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About the application of plate heat exchanger in central air conditioning system

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Now that the country is experiencing high temperatures, more and more buildings are using Zhongshan air-conditioning, so what is the role of the plate heat exchanger in the Zhongshan air-conditioning system? Let's talk about it with the editor of Wuxi spiral plate heat exchanger manufacturer!heat exchanger for power cogeneration projects- GUPHE

The plate heat exchanger is a system used as an air-conditioning refrigeration auxiliary machine, which belongs to the field of air-conditioning refrigeration technology. The system used by the plate heat exchanger as an air conditioning refrigeration auxiliary machine includes a frequency conversion screw chiller, a plate heat exchanger, a chilled water unit, and a cooling water unit. The frequency conversion screw chiller is installed in parallel with the plate heat exchanger, and the inlet and outlet pipes of the chilled water unit and the cooling water unit are connected to the plate heat exchanger respectively.

The plate heat exchanger is used as an auxiliary refrigeration system for air conditioning. It can be used to replace electric refrigerators in winter. The condensation heat recovery of the air conditioning system can produce hot water enough for guest room bathing, kitchen washing and other purposes while cooling, which saves money The energy is reduced and the thermal pollution is reduced to achieve the purpose of energy saving, consumption reduction, quality improvement and efficiency improvement. It has high practicability.

Two heat recovery systems designed by Wuxi spiral plate heat exchanger manufacturers, a series plate heat exchanger and a water source heat pump, have carried out a technical and economic analysis of the heat recovery system, and explained the condensing heat recovery system from the perspectives of energy saving, environmental protection and economy. feasibility. In terms of working principle, the feasibility of asymmetric plate heat exchanger, two-stage series and parallel heat exchanger heat recovery system is reviewed.

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