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Advantages and disadvantages of high temperature air heat exchanger

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Today, our company analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of high-temperature air heat exchangers-heat exchangers for everyone.


1. With heat recovery function, heat recovery efficiency reaches 70% ~ 80%.

2. The rotor speed can be adjusted in proportion to adjust the rotor efficiency to adapt to different indoor and outdoor air parameters (such as transition season and winter).

3. Due to the alternate reverse air intake of the runner, it has a self-cleaning effect and is not easily blocked by dust.


1. When the pressure difference between the exhaust air and the intake air is large, there will be a small amount of air leakage through the partition plate seal ring (this can be avoided by using the air supply pressure in and exhaust air suction method).

2. As with other heat recovery devices, fresh air and exhaust air are required to be collected together during installation, which sometimes brings some difficulties to the system layout.

The above are some descriptions of heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are widely used in heating, bathing and other fields of buildings. Therefore, when selecting heating and bathing products, attention should be paid to the performance of their heat exchangers to ensure the most comfortable enjoyment.

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