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Application of plate condenser in evaporation industry

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  Nowadays, the process field of the plate condenser is getting wider and wider, and it has not only appeared in the refrigeration industry. The plate condenser is gradually used as the main equipment for heat exchange. Most of its heat transfer processes are evaporation. The main purpose of evaporation is to separate the solvent and solute in the solution, which is essentially a separation process.

  The removal of evaporated secondary steam is generally achieved through a condenser, so this has also become the reason why the condenser is one of the essential elements. In many industrial applications, the condenser is more important in the evaporation industry. There are advantages.

First, the working principle of plate condenser in evaporation

First, the heat transfer of the condenser belongs to phase change heat. The mixed medium releases steam and then condenses into a liquid, which is generally called condensation heat transfer. Among them, the velocity of steam has a great influence on this condensation heat transfer. When the steam moves at a certain speed, a certain force will be generated between the steam and the liquid film. If the flow direction is the same, the effect of this force will reduce the thickness of the liquid film and enhance the condensation heat transfer. But this force cannot be allowed to exceed gravity. Otherwise, the liquid film will be driven away from the wall by the steam, and the heat transfer coefficient will increase suddenly. Cause energy loss.

Why are plate condensers suitable for the evaporation industry?

1. The plate condenser has strong adaptability, and can adapt to two plates with different corrugated shapes at the same time.

2. Compared with other equipment, the water consumption of plate condenser is about half of that of conventional equipment.

3. High heat transfer efficiency. Because it is a plate condenser, you can increase or decrease plates according to your own needs and adjust the heat transfer efficiency.

4. Both sides of the cold medium have large angle holes and large corrugated pitches, which can ensure that the steam in low pressure is fully condensed.

5. The structure of the condenser's frame is simple, with good rigidity and light weight. It meets the low cost and also guarantees the quality of the product. There are also many types of materials, which can meet different process requirements.

Third, the application of plate condensers in the steam industry

At present, the applications of the plate condenser for steam are:

1. Low pressure steam, the minimum pressure can reach -0.096MPa, preferably about 30 ℃.

2. Steam condensation in small power plants.

3. Condensation of evaporation and shunt systems.

4. Condensation of high vacuum medium.

5. Condensation of light dyes such as jet coal.

6. There are also many aspects of waste heat recovery in industries such as petroleum and chemical industry.

The plate condenser has been shown in domestic evaporation devices to have advantages such as high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, easy cleaning, etc., and has a very good application prospect.

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