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Application of the plate type condenser

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The stroke of the two fluids that plate type condenser in the plate cooler is called the shell pass. The wall surface of the tube bundle is the heat transfer surface. In order to increase the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid outside the tube, a certain number of transverse baffles are usually installed in the shell, which also forces the fluid to flow through the tube bundle multiple times in a prescribed path, which greatly increases the degree of turbulence. Commonly used baffles are round and disc-shaped.best plate steam condenser- GUPHE

 The former is more widely used. In order to increase the speed of the fluid in the tube, appropriate partitions can be set in the heads at both ends. In order to increase the flow rate outside the tube, a longitudinal baffle can be installed in the shell to allow the fluid to pass through the shell space multiple times. In the tube heat exchanger, because the temperature of the fluid inside and outside the tube is different, the temperature of the shell and the tube bundle are also different. The shell is provided with a tube bundle. The two ends of the tube bundle are welded, expanded or welded together to fix the tube on the tube plate. The outer periphery of the tube plate is bolted to the head flange, and the temperature difference stress exists after the tube bundle is manufactured. . When there is a large temperature difference between the heat exchange tube and the shell, an expansion joint should also be provided on the shell.

One end of the tube plate of the plate cooler is fixed between the shell and the tube box, and the other end of the tube sheet can move freely in the shell, that is, the shell and the tube bundle can be thermally expanded freely. This structure of the floating head heat exchanger can be used in the tube bundle Working conditions where there is a large temperature difference with the shell. The cleaning and maintenance of the tube bundle and the shell are more convenient, but its structure is relatively complicated, and the requirements for sealing are relatively high. Since the shell and the heat exchange tube are separated, the heat exchange tube bundle can be freely expanded and contracted, and no temperature difference stress will be generated due to the temperature difference of the medium. The tube bundle can be drawn out and loaded freely. Because the heat exchange tube is limited by the bending radius, there is a gap in the center of the tube bundle, which affects the heat transfer effect.

There are many controls on the cooler, and it is a cooling device that uses ambient air as a cooling medium to cool or condense the high-temperature fluid in the tube. It can be used as a cooler or condenser, and it uses air as a coolant to achieve the intended use intention and use effect through the use of this device. If the plate cooler is used correctly and reasonably, good results can be obtained and the product can play its due effect and function.

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