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Better design skills for spiral wound tube heat exchanger

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    Spiral wound tube heat exchanger is made of one or more sets of spirally wound tubes placed in the shell. It is just one of many heat exchangers.

    At present, there are many types of heat exchangers used in China, such as tube type, plate type and tube plate type. There are two different heat exchange areas. The design mechanism of the plate heat exchanger is symmetrical flow heat transfer, which cannot provide fluids with different heat exchange areas.

    Each heat exchange tube of the spiral wound tube heat exchanger is evenly wound in the shell according to a certain rule in a spiral structure. On the one hand, this structure extends the length of the heat exchange tube and the heat exchange is sufficient; on the other hand, it greatly changes the flow state of the fluid, enhances the turbulent flow effect, and enhances the heat transfer. At the same time, the spirally wound elastic tube bundle design can effectively eliminate various stresses such as turbulent chattering and thermal stress of the heat exchanger, and realize self-elimination of stress.

    The spiral wound tube heat exchanger has the characteristics of sufficient heat exchange and small difference between cold and hot ends, which can not only save energy, but also optimize the system and process, and has a good energy saving effect.


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