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Brief introduction to the working principle of plate heat exchanger

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The plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency heat exchanger. Since it can stand out among many heat exchangers, it must have its unique place. So, what is the working principle of the plate heat exchanger? Look below Here is an introduction brought to you by the plate heat exchanger manufacturer:

1. The heat exchange principle of the plate heat exchanger: the plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger formed by pressing a thin metal plate into a heat exchange plate with a certain corrugated shape, then stacking it, and fastening it with splints and bolts. . Thin rectangular channels are formed between the various plates, and heat exchange is carried out through half of the plates. The working fluid flows in the narrow and tortuous channels formed between the two plates. The hot and cold fluids pass through the flow channels in turn, with a barrier plate in the middle. The sheet separates the fluid and exchanges heat through this sheet.

2. The structural principle of the plate heat exchanger: the detachable plate heat exchanger is made up of many stamped corrugated thin plates at a certain interval, sealed by gaskets around them, and laminated and compressed with a frame and a compression screw, plates and gaskets The four corner holes form the fluid distribution pipe and the collection pipe, and at the same time, the cold and hot fluids are reasonably separated, so that they flow in the flow channels on both sides of each plate, and heat exchange through the plates.


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