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Classification of air radiators

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The air radiator uses high-efficiency finned tubes as heat transfer elements, uses steam and other fluids (heat transfer oil, water, etc.) as a working medium, and uses air as another working medium to enhance heat transfer through finned tubes. To achieve the purpose of heating and cooling the working medium in the tube or heating and cooling the air with the working medium in the tube. As the air radiator is the most suitable equipment for steam-gas, liquid-gas heat exchange, it has been widely used in various industrial and civil fields such as hot air heating, air conditioning, cooling, dehumidification, and drying.

Our radiator specifications are complete, including standard and non-standard radiators. The radiator has copper winding sheet (S, U1, B, L), steel winding sheet (SRZ, GL, I type), bimetallic aluminum rolling sheet (KL-1, 2, 3 type, SZL (B) type) , Copper tube aluminum sleeve (LT type), string fins, steel column type, starch air drying special large-model radiator (SRZ16-22/4, SRL200), as well as winding or finned tubes, aluminum rolled fins Separate processing and non-standard design and manufacture of tubes, etc. The radiator is the main equipment in the cooling or heating device with a cold and heat medium.


Radiators are mainly used for hot air heating, air conditioning, cooling, dehumidification, drying and other projects. They are suitable for steam or high-temperature hot water to heat the air, and brine or low-temperature water can be used to cool the air. It has been applied in dozens of industries. It covers industries such as industrial and mining enterprises, light industry, papermaking, beer malt, starch, chemical industry, national defense, construction, textile printing and dyeing, metallurgy, electric power, electronics, dairy, food processing, ceramics, hospitals, theaters, etc. The internal structure of the radiator has four main forms: (1) Spiral-wound finned tube. (2) Bimetallic aluminum rolled finned tube. (3) Copper tube aluminum sleeve. (4) Steel pipe string pieces.

Commonly used models of air radiators:

1. SRZ GLⅡ Type Steel Wound Finned Tube Radiator Type Steel Wound Finned Tube Radiator

2. GLⅡ-type steel wound finned tube radiator

3. S-type copper finned tube radiator

4. UⅡ type copper finned tube radiator

5. TZ type steel elliptical tube finned tube radiator

6. SRB BGL stainless steel radiator

7. SZL steel aluminum rolled finned tube radiator

8. BLQ type copper tube sleeve aluminum fin radiator

9. Other types and combined radiators

The radiator is made of high-quality materials, and the steel pipes are high-quality seamless steel pipes or copper pipes. The whole machine is subjected to strict pressure test, and the pressure is maintained for more than 30 minutes. Generally, the water pressure of steel pipe radiator is 25 kg/cm2; the water pressure of steel pipe and stainless steel pipe radiator is 30 kg/cm2. This kind of radiator fundamentally guarantees its quality, and the thoughtful service makes customers feel relieved and satisfied after use.

We not only provide you with the complete machine (standard, non-standard), but also can process the finned tube (winding sheet, aluminum rolled sheet) separately, and also design, produce or process with drawings. Numerous complete models and specifications provide convenience for customers to choose practical and satisfactory radiators. The radiators can increase the benefits of your business and give full play to its effects.

Our radiator: superior performance, beautiful appearance, complete specifications, low price, satisfactory service, deeply loved by new and old customers.

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