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Classification structure of gas-liquid heat exchanger

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  Gas-liquid heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchange device often used in Freon refrigeration equipment, commonly known as heat recovery heat exchanger or heat recovery device. For refrigeration systems such as R12, the coefficient of refrigeration can be improved. On the one hand, the refrigerant is supercooled before throttling, and on the other hand, the refrigerant is superheated, thereby increasing the cooling capacity per unit mass of the refrigerant and preventing the compressor from liquid hammer .

shell and tube regenerator


  Figure 1 shows the commonly used shell and tube regenerator. It consists of an outer shell and an inner tube with fins. The refrigerant gas-liquid flows in opposite directions in the regenerator for heat exchange. Since the heat release coefficient of the refrigerant gas to the wall is smaller than that of the liquid, the gas usually flows on the side without the fins. As in the picture, the liquid flows in the tube, and the gas flows in the opposite direction in the tube shell.

Shell-coil type regenerator

  Figure 2 shows the shell-coil type regenerator whose basic structure is similar to that of the shell-and-tube condenser. It replaced the straight fin tube with a spiral fin coil tube. In order to ensure the heat exchange effect, usually the refrigerant liquid flows in the tube, and the gas flows in the opposite direction in the tube shell.

  In addition to the evaporator, it is also used as a regenerative heat exchanger.

  For the small-scale refrigeration device with a surface structure, there is no special gas-liquid heat exchanger, but the composite night storage from the reservoir and the return pipe from the natural generator are combined together, and the outside of the two pipes are jointly wrapped and insulated The material allows gas and liquid to pass, and heat exchange through the pipe wall to achieve heat recovery.

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