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Congratulations to GUphe for becoming one of the national standard setters

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Academician Tao Wenquan of the Chinese Academy of Science holds the post of reserch and development consultant for the enterprise, the “Academician Worksation” was set up; National new high-tech enterprise for consecutive10 years, continuous R&D investment;

*Jilin Heat Exchanger Industrial Technology R&D Center, more than 80 pepole research and development team, 60 national patents (6 inventions),

*Particpating unit in drafting national standards for plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger unit. Member of National Technology Committee of Boiler and Pressure vessel Standardization.

*After years of development, THT has successfully realized the transformation and upgrading from equipment manufacturing to system integration and from a manufacturing enterprise to a service enterprise in terms of r&d, scheme, manufacturing, process, energy conservation and service.


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