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Daily maintenance and maintenance of heat exchanger unit

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Outage of heat exchange unit

    1. When the unit is normally shut down, the inlet valve of the heat source must be closed first, and the panel switch of the make-up pump is in the stop position. After the temperature of the circulating water on the secondary side drops, stop the circulating pump and close the inlet and outlet valves on the secondary side;

    2. Cut off the power supply of the unit;

    3. The equipment should be shut down immediately for inspection when the following situations occur:

⑴ The pump runs abnormally, the noise is loud, the temperature at the motor bearing is ≥70°C (hot hands), the current is overloaded, and it is difficult to start, etc., please refer to the pump manual to find out the cause of the fault and troubleshooting;

⑵ The circulation system is seriously blocked or partially vaporized;

⑶ Important instruments such as controllers and regulating valves are malfunctioning;

⑷ The system is seriously leaking.


    1. To ensure the flexibility of the ball valve switch, the ball valve should be switched on and off at least once a week to avoid jamming.

    2. The safety valve should be checked once a year.

    3. For a water pump that has been stopped for a long time, the pump motor must be turned a few times before starting to avoid overload of the motor current or damage to the pump mechanical seal.

    4. During the non-heating period, the ground under the base of the unit must be kept dry and free of water to avoid corrosion of the unit.

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