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Detachable Wide Flow Passage PHE

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*The detachable wide flow passage PHE is mainly used in working conditions containing solid fiber particles or high viscosity medium such as mash, waste heat recovery of wastewater, syurp, granular water, etc. It solves the common PHE because the plate spacing is narrow, the medium flow is easy blockage of medium flow. 

*The detachable wide flow passage PHE adopts design structure of unequal section flow passage, and the gap between the material side plates is up to 15mm at most. The diversion area adopts Mosaic diversion area design, and the main heat transfer area adopts low resistance cheveron structure and free flow transition area design, so that the heat transfer efficient of the product is equal to that of ordinary PHE. Besides, it solves the problem that the flow complex medium is easy to block, which is easy to clean and maintain the product and reduces the equipment investment and maintenance cost.

*The heat transfer performance is more than 30% higher than that of welding products such as wide channel and spiral plates; The supply cycle can be shortened by 40%; Maintenance cost can be reduced by 25%. 

*Plate material: 304, 316L, 254MON, etc. 

*Plate thickness: 0.8, 1.0 mm.

*Sealing gasket material: EPDM, NBR, etc.

Detachable Wide Flow Passage PHE

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