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Diesel Engine Cooler

Product Brand: THT
Air tightness test: 0.6-0.7MPa
Maximum operating pressure: 6.0MPa"
  • GU-016
  • THT

Brief Introduction

The main forms of disel engine cooler are chocolate pattern corrugated structure, horizontal corrugated structure, oblique corrugated structure and herringbone corrugated structure, different structure forms are suitable for different operating conditions.


Product Feature

The sealing of welded plate heat exchanger is reliable; long cycle operation without leakage; not easy to block; maintenance and cleaning is convenient and quick, low maintenance costs.

Product Application

it can be widely used in heating, power, metallurgy, petrochemical, air conditioning and other industries.

Engine Oil cooler Technical Parameters

Air tightness test: 0.6-0.7MPa

Maximum operating pressure: 6.0MPa"

Engine Oil Cooler Kit Feature

High heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, light weight, high pressure, safety, energy saving.

Universal Engine Oil Cooler Advantage

The products have reached the leading domestic and international level, met the requirements of various performance indicators of nuclear power, passed the national new product identification, obtained the national invention patent, filled the domestic gap, and made important contributions to the localization of China's major equipment.

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