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Do you know how an oil cooler works

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  The lubricating oil of large and medium-sized mechanical equipment such as steam turbines, fans, coal mills, water pumps and ship power in industrial and mining enterprises cannot do without tube-type oil coolers. On the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar products, the technicians of GUphe did a lot of experiments on the disturbance of the laminar flow on the oil side by the heat exchange tube, and finally successfully developed the latest tube type.

  Product structure and working principle:

  The flow characteristics of the tubular oil cooler are still oil through the shell side and water through the tube side. The heat transfer coefficient of the outer oil side of the tube oil cooler is 1/10-1/20 of the heat transfer coefficient inside the tube, and the thermal resistance is mainly on the oil side. The tubular oil cooler equipment changes the traditional bow-shaped baffle into a swirling guide plate. The main principle is: the cooling oil passes through the shell side of the oil cooler and moves forward with the swirling guide plate. The oil rotates and washes along the circumference of the pipe. The structural parameters of the tube are the result of optimization after many comparison tests. It has excellent performance, safe and reliable use, and is an ideal auxiliary product for steam turbine units.

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