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Features of the plate pasteurizer

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The material is heated to 138~150℃ through the tube-in-tube heat exchanger under continuous flow and kept at this temperature for a certain period of time (2~4 seconds) to reach the commercial aseptic level, and then under aseptic condition Filled in aseptic packaging container in aseptic environment.

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The entire sterilization process is completed instantaneously under high temperature conditions, which will completely kill microorganisms and sporesthat can cause material corruption and deterioration, and at the same time, greatly preserve the original flavor and nutrients of the food. This rigorous processing technology and equipment precise treatment method effectively prevent secondary pollution of food and greatly extend the shelf life of the product.

UHT process preferably adopts in-line double-pipe heat exchanger sterilization system, because of its reliable working performance under higher steam pressure and ultra-high temperature conditions, especially the continuous working time can be as long as more than ten hours, so as to obtain a more than plate type The sterilization system is more widely used.

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Features of plate pasteurizer:

1. Control method: adopt microcomputer intelligent automatic control to control sterilization pressure, temperature and time;

2. Over-temperature automatic protection: if the set temperature is exceeded, the heating power will be automatically cut off;

3. Door safety interlocking device: there is pressure in the inner cavity, and the door cover cannot be opened, patented device;

4. Low water level alarm: it can automatically cut off the power when there is water shortage, sound and light alarm, imported water cut detection device;

5. Leakage protection: equipped with leakage protection device;

6. Temperature dynamic digital display, and end signal will be issued when sterilization is over;

7. Automatic control of heating, sterilization, exhaust and drying process without manual supervision;

8. (Four modes of control, suitable for internal row type and belt drying type).

Mode 1: heating-sterilization-exhaust steam;

Mode 2: Heating-Sterilization-Pulse exhaust;

Mode 3: heating-sterilization-no steam exhaust;

Mode 4: Custom

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