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Intelligent Heat Exchanger Unit

Brand Name: THT
Maximum design pressure: 2.5MPa
Design temperature: 150 ℃
Maximum heating area: 400000 m²
Flow rate: 2000 m³ /h
  • GU-006
  • THT

                                                                            Intelligent Heat Exchanger Unit

Product Description

THT brand intelligent heat exchanger is an integrated heat exchanger consisting of heat exchanger, water pump, filter, electric regulating valve, sensor, controller, frequency converter, local instrument, pipeline and control system.The fixed pressure system, frequency conversion flow control system, calorimeter, flow meter and computer network communication control system are added to form a complete intelligent heat exchange station.This product has applied four patented technologies including heat exchanger and assembly process.

Heat Exchanger For Central Heating Technical Parameters

Maximum design pressure 2.5MPa
Design temperature 150 ℃
Maximum heating area 400000 m²
Flow rate 2000 m³ /h

Product Picture


Heat Exchanger District Heating Feature

Each THT brand intelligent heat exchange unit are tailored according to different process demand, insist on humanization, intelligent, systematic and the design principle of energy conservation, choose good product components, from the interrelationship between the clearance fit and no linkage, improve the heat transfer efficiency and reduce the operation energy consumption optimization design, the construction industry for the first filling, group, welding robot production line for production, meet the market energy saving, convenient, comfortable and safe and stable operation of the need for a long time.

Heat Exchanger For Central Cooling System Advantage

Internet of things integration technology combining function integration, network integration and software interface;

High degree of intelligence, energy saving, environmental protection, to help customers to achieve centralized, efficient, convenient management.

Heat Exchanger Unit Application

Heating a heating station for a winter heating system
Hot water domestic hot water supply system, process water cooling system.
Air conditioning central air-conditioning chilled water intermediate heat exchanger for large building
Food  sterilization of beer, beverage , soy sauce and other liquid materials
Other industry the recovery of waste heat from waste water and waste gas

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