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Heat Exchanger for Power Cogeneration Projects

  • GU-001
  • THT

Plate Heat Exchanger can be widely used in Food & Beverage, Petroleum / Chemical Processing, Energy & Power, HVAC - Heating/Air Conditioning, Marine etc.

Technical Parameters

Installed capacity: 1 million SQM/year

Single plate maximum heat exchange area: 4.0㎡

Single maximum installed area: 3200㎡

Maximum water treatment capacity per unit: 3800m /h

Pressure capacity: 4.2MPa

Maximum corner hole diameter: 500mm

Maximum plate spacing: 15mm

Minimum log mean temperature difference: 1℃

Product Feature

The whole equipment has high pressure, not easy to leak in operation and high safety;Low resistance and high efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction;Reduce maintenance, convenient maintenance, save human resources, reduce management costs.In normal use, the plate life can reach 20 years without corrosion, and the rubber gasket life can be more than 5 years.

Product Advantage

Safe and stable, high quality and efficient, green and energy-saving, customer service, convenient maintenance.

Product Description

It is mainly used for heating, cooling, evaporation, condensation, sterilization, heat recovery and other occasions,  be widely used in Chemical: Caustic Soda, Fertilizer, Petrochemical, Oil Refinery, Oil & Fat, Pharmaceutical, Food: Milk, Beer, Soft Drink, Sauce, Wine, HVAC: Air-conditioning, Tap water heating

Steel Mill: Blast Furnace, Continuous Casting, C.O.G,

Plating & Galvanizing, Metal: Plating, Quenching, Anodizing, Painting, Pulp & Paper: Black Liquor, White Liquor, Digester, Heat Recovery, Textile: Synthetic Fiber, Spinning, Dyeing, Central Cooling (Sea water, River water), Power Station,Co-generation, Marine and many others.

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