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How does the condenser in the air conditioner maintain a good cooling effect

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The condenser is the core of the air conditioning system and the key determinant of its refrigeration effect. According to tests, when the air conditioner is in operation, the pressure of the refrigerant out of the condenser is about 19kgf/cm2, and the temperature is guaranteed to be at subcooling. At 3-5°C, the refrigeration effect and coefficient of refrigeration can reach the ideal state.

It is not easy to ensure that the condenser is always maintained in this state. It is not only necessary to clean and organize the condenser fins thoroughly, to ensure that the condenser fins are clean and neatly arranged; but also to check whether the fan is installed tightly, whether the fan is running smoothly, and whether there are any differences. Check whether the fan blades are in good condition; at the same time, check whether the fan speed, wind speed and air volume meet the standards and so on.

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Of course, to check whether the fan pressure relay is normal, winding resistance, operating current, and fan insulation performance are also the focus of work. Any of the above-mentioned overhaul contents have corresponding operation methods, and the purpose of doing so is the same, all for the condenser to exert a good cooling effect.

For example, the fins of the condenser should be cleaned with a special cleaning agent, which can solve the problem of poor heat dissipation of the condenser, and avoid fluorine leakage due to the high pressure of the system or the opening of the pressure release valve, thereby improving the energy efficiency ratio of refrigeration. Improve the stability of the system.

When cleaning, you need to remove the condensing fan and the net cover first, then use a high-pressure water pump to wash off the floating dust on the cold fins, and spray the water evenly; then, the detergent or water and the cleaning agent will be mixed according to 1:1 Spray the liquid evenly on the condenser fins with a watering can or sprayer, wait for a period of time and then rinse the condenser with a high-pressure water pump, and then install the condensing fan and the net cover.

There are many details of similar operations. Pay attention to each item. Don't affect the use effect of the entire condenser because of temporary care, thereby reducing the cooling effect of the entire air conditioner.

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