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How much does heat exchanger cost

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The role of each field:

   1. Refrigeration: used as a condenser and evaporator.

  2. HVAC: intermediate heat exchangers used with boilers, intermediate heat exchangers for high-rise buildings, etc.

  3. Chemical industry: soda ash industry, synthetic ammonia, alcohol fermentation, resin synthesis cooling, etc.

  4. Metallurgical industry: heating or cooling of aluminate mother liquor, cooling of steelmaking process, etc.

  6. Machinery industry: various quenching liquid cooling, reducer lubricating oil cooling, etc.

  7. Power industry: high-voltage transformer oil cooling, generator bearing oil cooling, etc.

   8. Paper industry: bleaching process heat recovery, heating washing liquid, etc.

  9. Textile industry: cooling of viscose sericin aqueous solution, cooling of boiling nitrocellulose, etc.

  10. Food industry: fruit juice sterilization and cooling, animal and vegetable oil heating and cooling, etc.

  11. Grease technology: soap-based atmospheric drying, heating or cooling various process liquids.

  12. Central heating: district heating of thermal power plant waste heat, heating bath water.

       13. Others: petroleum, medicine, ships, seawater desalination, geothermal utilization, solar energy utilization.

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