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How to analyze the cost of HVAC system 1

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Analysis of major influence factors on the life cycle cost of the HVAC system

1. Influencing factors at the investment decision-making stage

  The investment decision-making stage plays a vital role in the cost control of the entire life cycle of the HVAC system, directly affecting the implementation of all subsequent tasks. Therefore, relevant companies must make adjustments to the scale and facilities of the investment according to their actual conditions. Plan and compare and select multiple options, so as to ensure the scientificity and rationality of construction projects.

2. Influencing factors at the design stage

  Doing a good job of cost control in the design stage can effectively reduce the project cost, which means that the design stage will have an important impact on the quality of the life cycle cost control of the HVAC system. First of all, the design scheme has an important influence on the project cost control. The cost control of the design scheme directly determines the cost of the entire project. Therefore, the design scheme must be optimized. Secondly, building energy consumption has an important influence on the life cycle cost control of HVAC systems. Finally, design factors also have an important impact on the life cycle cost control of the HVAC system. At the same time, the energy-saving and self-controlled supporting facilities of the HVAC system also have an important impact on the cost of the entire project.

3. Influencing factors in the bidding stage

  The bidding work is mainly to select the contractor with the strongest strength and the most reasonable price. Such contractors generally have a higher level of cost control. Therefore, in the bidding stage, the principle of fair competition must be adhered to and the best Best partner and sign a contract with it.

4. Influencing factors during the construction phase

  The construction phase is an important part of the HVAC system engineering, which will have a significant impact on the life cycle cost control of the HVAC system. This is because a large amount of technology and funds are needed in the construction phase. If the cost control in the construction phase is If the work is not in place, a lot of resources will be wasted. First of all, whether the preparation of the fund use plan is reasonable is directly related to the quality of cost control. Therefore, when preparing the fund use plan, the construction unit must comprehensively consider various relevant factors to determine the construction progress of the entire project, and also stipulate in the contract. Make a payment plan based on the payment method and payment period, so as to ensure that the funds meet the construction needs while reducing the project cost. Secondly, different construction plans will have an important impact on the project cost. Therefore, the best construction plan should be selected according to the customer's requirements to minimize the cost.

5. Construction factors during operation

  Under normal circumstances, there is a big difference between the HVAC operating conditions and the expected operating conditions. This is because HVAC is greatly affected by external factors. If the HVAC system is not effectively adjusted at this time, Will lead to increased energy consumption, thereby increasing its operating costs.

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