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How to choose circulating water for plate condenser?

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The plate condenser is composed of heat transfer plates and sealing gaskets to form channels for the medium to flow. Water or air is used as the condensing agent to remove the heat of another medium, which is mostly used in high temperature steam conditions.

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1. Try to use soft water or treated industrial circulating water, mainly to prevent scaling, so as not to affect the heat exchange effect

 Calcium ion is controlled at 50-80mg/L

 Mg ions are controlled at 40-80mg/L

 Bicarbonate ion is controlled at 100-150mg/L

 The content of chloride ion in circulating water

2. Chloride can easily cause stress corrosion to stainless steel, and if the content is too high, it will cause pitting corrosion on the plate, resulting in oil and water mixing

 The content of chloride ion in circulating water (when the water temperature is at 60℃)

 less than 50mg/L plate material can choose 304

 Less than 300mg/l plate material can choose 316L

3. The scope of application of stainless steel 304 and 316L

 Water, river water, oil and other general organic and inorganic media. 304 can be used in various concentrations of carbonic acid, ammonia, and alcohol with a temperature of ≤100°C. It has poor corrosion resistance in sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, and is especially sensitive to crevice corrosion caused by chlorine-containing media. 316L has better corrosion resistance.

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