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How to clean plate heat exchanger' scale

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    With the development of central heating, plate heat exchangers have become the main heat exchange equipment for the operation of heat exchange stations. Plate heat exchangers are widely used due to their compact structure, small footprint, high heat transfer efficiency, and flexible operation. However, after the heat exchanger runs for a period of time, fouling will occur, which will affect the thermal efficiency. Therefore, how to clean the heat exchanger has become a key issue.

    During the use of the plate heat exchanger, due to improper operation of the water treatment equipment, the water quality control is not up to standard, so that the calcium, magnesium and carbonate in the water will be decomposed into calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide precipitates on the heat exchanger after being heated. Hard scale is formed on the heated surface. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of scale, the heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger is reduced and the heat energy is wasted seriously, which affects the heating effect and causes a serious negative impact on the heating unit. Therefore, the plate heat exchanger should be cleaned up after a certain period of operation.

BKY Type Plate-shell Heat Exchanger

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