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How to clean up oil-soluble dirt in heat exchangers

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    The heat exchanger is one of the most commonly used equipment in petroleum processing equipment, and its investment accounts for about 70% of the total investment in the chemical industry and 35%-40% of the total investment in the refining industry. To measure the operating conditions of a heat exchanger, in addition to its inherent equipment characteristics and process conditions, how to ensure the cleanness of its medium heat exchange surface, ensure a good heat transfer space and total heat transfer efficiency is an important factor. The loss of heat exchange equipment fouling to industrialized developed countries accounts for an average of 0.3% of the gross national product. Research data from Harwell Laboratory in the United Kingdom shows that the maintenance cost caused by the heat exchanger accounts for 15% of the total maintenance cost, half of which is caused by fouling. Therefore, the problem of heat exchanger fouling is a big problem that enterprises must solve. Oil-soluble heat exchangers should be cleaned up after a certain period of operation.

Sewage Treatment Plate Heat Exchanger

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