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How to improve the shell side part of the oil cooler

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    The key to the transformation of the oil cooler is mainly manifested in the tube side part and the shell side part. How to ensure the heat exchange of a single tank while greatly reducing the heat exchange area of the pipe pass, while maintaining the advantages of low resistance of the cooler and safe and stable water supply, is the focus of this improvement. After repeated scrutiny, one is to reduce the pipe diameter of the heat exchange control by one size, and the other is to appropriately increase the stroke of the heat transfer medium in the control so that it can fully exchange heat and further improve the heat transfer coefficient of the heat transfer. The diversion equipment around the coil is also easy to arrange. After several improvements, more reasonable diversion equipment is required. The first effect is that when the cold water in the tank initially heats up, the cold water in the lower part of the tank is promoted to rise, reaching the intention of completely eliminating the cold water zone; when the tank is in normal operation, the water flow is organized to reverse the heat exchange control, and the flow rate of the heated water is increased locally. The endothermic coefficient of the heated water.

    No matter what kind of equipment, it needs to be reasonably protected. It will also be worn and damaged. In the end, the company can only pay for repairs or replacement equipment. It also needs to be protected. Otherwise, it needs to be protected. The funds for the replacement equipment have been released. Generally, the protection of oil coolers requires three points, namely:

    1. Check the machine system: In order to ensure the normal operation of the cooler, people need to check the system. If it cannot be checked, then various problems will simply appear, which will eventually affect production and bring great losses to the enterprise.

    2. Real-time supervision of softened water: Water is an important medium in the cooler. If you cannot monitor the water quality in real time, simply ignore the softened water. First, you must carefully check the water quality in the system and the softened tank. If it is approved, it can be injected.

    3. Adhere to the cleanliness of the pipe network: It is very necessary to insist on the cleanliness of the pipe network. If the pipe network is not clean, then simply block the gaps between the various parts, but also pay attention to timely cleaning of the oil cooler and filter, so that the entire operation can be completed smoothly.

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