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How to install a plate heat exchanger

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When we install the plate heat exchanger, we must pay attention to how to install it to make the plate heat exchanger more efficient? This is the real purpose of our installation of the plate heat exchanger. The following six points introduce this problem. Let’s take a look.

   1. In addition to special requirements in the process, generally first open the valve that requires the heating or cooling side cold medium, and slowly open the heat source or cold source side medium valve after it flows normally;

  2, check the clamping stud, if there is any looseness, tighten and keep the parallelism deviation between the two compression plates not more than 1mm;

  3. When moving and transporting the plate heat exchanger, avoid violent collision and damage to the plates

  4. According to the equipment installation size given in the installation drawing, make the foundation platform and arrange the anchor bolts;

  5. According to the inlet and outlet temperature and pressure data, open and start the relevant valve to the appropriate position to maintain a stable working state;

6. Check and clean up the pipeline debris before installation to prevent debris from entering the plate heat exchanger and blocking the flow path; correspondingly connect the pipeline, and install a thermometer and pressure gauge on the pipeline near the plate heat exchanger for easy inspection and replacement The operation of the heater;

   Therefore, for the plate heat exchanger managers, these knowledge points are of great help to them. If you have this need, you might as well take a look.

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