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How to properly clean the condenser coil of the central air conditioner

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  When the central air conditioner cleans the dust and dirt of the condenser coil, its operating cost will increase. Studies have shown that by keeping the condenser coil clean, the efficiency of the central cooling system can be increased by 16%.

  Keeping the air conditioning unit clean and well maintained may be the best way to increase efficiency and save monthly expenses. Not only can it reduce energy consumption and save monthly expenses, but a clean condenser coil can make your air conditioner last longer and maintain its operating efficiency.

  However, the central air conditioner needs to be careful when cleaning the air conditioning coil, because incorrect cleaning may cause permanent damage to the air conditioning unit. To make matters worse, harmful bacteria can grow and multiply in air conditioning units, causing serious health risks, such as asthma, nausea, and so on.

  The condenser may be the most important part of the air conditioning unit. It collects the concentrated heat from the indoor space and takes it out of the outdoors. Therefore, a large amount of air flow occurs to get rid of this concentrated heat. In order to complete this work, the condensing unit needs to completely clean a dirty condensing device which will consume additional energy to complete the work.

  Since the condensing device is located outside, dirt, lawns and leaves (if plants are too close) can easily enter the condensing device and block it. And if the coil is not clean, the fan in the condensing unit cannot exhaust as much air as required for optimal performance and effective operation. This will not only increase your electricity costs, but may also shorten the life of the condensing unit.

  Therefore, in order to keep the condensing device clean, the first step you should take to clean the central air conditioner is to remove any weeds or plants that may obstruct the air circulation around the unit.

  Before cleaning the condenser coil

  When removing debris, plants, or anything that may cause problems, make sure that the area within three feet of the condenser is not affected by any obstacles. In most cases, the condenser coil will become clogged with dust and pollen even when the eyes are not visible. If you use air conditioning equipment for a long time, it is best to clean it at least once a year. However, if you have a long summer, it is best to clean the condensing unit more than once a year.

  To ensure that the slots between the heat sinks are properly cleaned, remove the grille protecting the coil. Wear a mask when performing this task. Next, spray some coil cleaner into the condenser coil. Give it five minutes and then wash it with water spray. Make sure to use a mild spray, because a strong spray may cause damage to the aluminum fins.

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