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How to properly enable the cooler

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    (1) The plate cooler can be put into use only after passing the pressure test, and drain the internal water before starting.

    (2) Check whether the inverted shower and vent valves are flexible and easy to use, their switch positions, and whether pressure gauges and thermometers are all installed.

    (3) Check whether the foundation and support are firm, and whether all bolts are fully buckled and tightened.

    (4) When putting into use, put the cold flow first and then the hot flow.

    (5) When using cold or hot media, first ensure that the secondary line is unblocked, and then slowly open the outlet valve. After checking that there is no problem, open the inlet valve. Be sure to open slowly to prevent pressure holding. Pay attention to the changes of equipment during the commissioning process. After the plate cooler is put into use, as the temperature and pressure change, leakage may occur, and it should be checked in time.

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