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Installation of air heat exchanger

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1. The curvature of the spiral plate is less than 3mm per meter;

2. Two methods of manual welding and contact welding are used before the welding of fixed-pitch columns. The quality of spot welding of manual-welded fixed-pitch columns should be checked. If burn-through or missing welding is found, in addition to repair welding, the quality of spot welding Perform an overall inspection. Controlling the length of the spot welding can ensure that the fixed-distance column does not fall off when the spiral body is rolled. Pay attention to not causing the board surface biting phenomenon when the arc starts and ends.

3. In the rolling process of the flanging spiral plate, the smaller the rolling radius, the larger the flanging and the amount of elasticity. Therefore, the end of the spiral channel (flanging) should be corrected and shaped after rolling.

4. The detachable spiral plate heat exchanger should be machined on the sealing surface of the end face after the spiral body and the narrow flange are assembled and welded. The lower end of the narrow flange and the sealing surface must be kept level, otherwise once the upper clamp is pressed tightly When the card is released, additional bending moment will be generated.

5. In the pressure test, for the detachable spiral plate heat exchanger, a well-frame tooling must be used to prevent the product from axial deformation; during the test, compressed air is introduced into one channel and water is introduced into the other channel Or put the equipment in water and check the welding quality of the product to ensure that there will be no internal leakage between the two media. For some products that cannot be subjected to a hydraulic test, an air pressure test is required. During the test, pass compressed air on one side, and close the channel on the other side, and insert a leather tube into the water to check whether the product has a hidden leak.

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