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Introduction of plate and frame heat exchanger

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Plate and frame heat exchanger is a relatively common equipment used in heat exchangers

This equipment is due to its own heat exchanger specifications. It can be used in the steam field or as a basic plate heat exchanger for industrial exchange, heat and condensation. So today we will take a look at this equipment from several aspects to help you distinguish the difference between the craftsmanship of this equipment and other equipment.

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Equipment structure


First of all, starting from the structure of the equipment, the situation of plate and frame heat exchangers is basically the same as that of plate heat exchangers. It is composed of a series of plates, side plates, partition plates, sealing gaskets, frames, upper and lower guide rods and uprights of the same model. A thin rectangular channel is formed between each plate, and a whole is formed by the uprights, partitions and other elements. Style frame. The plates play an important role in forming the plate bundles, and then the plate bundles are used for design work in the two side passages using partition plates. 


Among them, the plate as the core element plays the role of a heat conduction element inside, which is an important measure to determine the heat transfer performance of the entire system. Other elements such as side plates and partition plates determine the overall temperature, pressure and various Operational indicators of parameters.


Working principle


Although the plate-and-frame heat exchanger has various types of processes, it is a partition-type heat exchanger after all, so its heat exchange form and the basic plate heat exchanger are not much different. They all use two different media from the two plates. The end injection starts to run, and the medium flows throughthe baffle to control the flow area and speed. The two mediums exchange heat to achieve the effect of constant temperature, which completes the purpose of heat exchange.


Equipment characteristics


Although the working principle of the plate and frame heat exchanger is similar to that of the basic heat exchanger, there are still some differences in its own process properties.


1. The pressure of the equipment is small. Although the equipment cannot withstand very large pressures, its own process performance is good. In some basic industrial heat exchange fields and household fields, the heat exchange rate is fast and can provide our users with heat in time , The plate form can also be classified as a herringbone corrugated plate to realize corner hole diversion and run multiple process media at the same time, which is not only fast but also reduces a lot of resistance.


2. Strong application adaptability. This equipment can accept customized processes of 304, 316L, 904L, 254SMO, N6 and other raw materials, and can flexibly configure the process according to the needs of the user-side process, reducing a lot of process costs.


3. Strong temperature resistance, the equipment can be customized with high temperature resistant titanium materials. Therefore, in some high temperature fields, the operation process of the equipment is still very good, which avoids the corrosion of equipment plates and improves the adaptability of the medium itself.


4. It is easy to maintain and clean. For the later maintenance of our products, it is a very test equipment standard. For example, tubular heat exchangers can only be maintained by self-cleaning or flushing, but plate and frame heat exchangers can also be disassembled , So it is very convenient for later maintenance.

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After the plate and frame heat exchanger is used, we can maintain and replace the sealing gasket of the heat exchanger to prevent the leakage phenomenon from appearing again, and at the same time, it can ensure that the temperature of the cold and heat medium can be effectively controlled. It saves money for users only from the beginning of the design, and also saves most of the money for users in the later process.

While the plate and frame heat exchanger solves its own technological problems, it also solves the problems of short service life of the heat exchanger itself, easy leakage, frequent maintenance, and environmental pollution, which has promoteda technological development in our heat exchange field. At the same time, it has also brought China's heat exchange technology to a higher level.

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