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Introduction of titanium plate heat exchanger

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The titanium heat exchanger is a series of corrugated metal plates, which form a thin rectangular channel from the new high-efficiency heat exchanger between various plates. 

The flow resistance and pumping work of the pipe are compared with the general case through half of the heat exchange

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In the case of the same consumption, the heat transfer coefficient of the shell heat exchanger is much higher than that of the shell heat exchanger, and there is a tendency to replace the shell and tube heat exchanger in a suitable scale.

Titanium plate heat exchanger, common materials for heat exchanger industrial plates are mainly austenitic stainless steel, titanium titanium alloy, nickel nickel alloy cold rolled plate industrial pure titanium 127 plate heat exchanger, industrial titanium 276 and Ti-0.3Mo- 0.8 Ni345 is used for tube heat exchanger and TA1 titanium plate to build plate heat exchanger

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Compared with tube heat exchanger, it has many advantages and has a strong competitive advantage in the market. 

It is mainly used in chemical industry, petroleum, shipbuilding. For hot-swappable systems such as seawater desalination, the plate heat exchanger has the following unique features in the design:

(1) Energy saving: The shell heat exchanger has 3 to 5 times higher thermal efficiency.

(2) Compact and compact: Plate heat exchanger plates are precisely arranged. 

Compared with other types of heat exchangers, what are the characteristics of the plate titanium frame? 

The heat exchanger has less floor space, small space, and the same heat transfer area. The heat exchanger is only 1/5 of the shell and tube heat exchanger.

(3) Easy to clean and easy to disassemble: the plate heat exchanger is clamped by the splint, easy to disassemble, open for cleaning at any time, and because the plate is smooth, full flow depth, easy to scale.

(4) Without a row of liquid, the plate heat exchanger seal groove is equipped with a discharge channel, and various media will not collude. 

Even if it leaks, the media will always come out.

(5) Long service life: The plate heat exchanger is made of stainless steel or titanium plate, can withstand various corrosive media, the gasket can be exchanged, and it can be easily disassembled and repaired.

(6) Strong adaptability: The plate heat exchanger plate is a self-supporting component, and the process can be added or reduced according to the requirements, and the situation is diverse; it is suitable for various process requirements.

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