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Introduction to THT Company

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Introduction to THT Company


    Mission: Heat transfer technology as the carrier, continue to improve efficiency, to create a better life for people.

    Vision: The world’s leading heat exchange system integrator.

    Core Business: Heat exchange, waste heat reuse, system integration, intelligent control.

    Listed on Nasdaq:The registered capital is 146.73 million Yuan:

    The first factory was established in 1986: The heat exchanger industrial park was built in 2005; In 2012 the new energy industry base was established: In 2017, the 650,000 square meters heat exchanger theme park was established: 


    China’s leader in plate heat exchangers and integrated systems, has been the top seller in 12 consecutive years for selling plate heat exchanger in China: THT brand has become a symbol of quality, technology, efficiency, credibility and other advanced levels:

    More than 200,000 sucessful cases worldwide, the products are mainly used in HVAC, petroleum, chemical, alcohol, food, shipping, electric power, nuclear power, metallurgy, seawater desalination, waste heat recovery and other industries.

The proportion of products in various industries:

HVAC 41%, Petochemical engineering 18%, Metallurgy 13%, Food 6%, Shipping 9%, Electric and nuclear power 11%, Others 2%.

THT Company Plate Heat Exchanger

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