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Maintenance of evaporative condenser

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As one of the primary heat exchange equipment for refrigeration, metallurgy and chemical industries, evaporative condensers are widely used. The evaporative condenser, as a new type of energy-saving heat exchange equipment, has been greatly developed and widely used in recent years.

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The biggest problem in the operation of evaporative condensers is the formation of scale and fouling, and due to the working mechanism of evaporation and vaporization, it is more prone to fouling than other types of condensers.

Therefore, the maintenance of the evaporative condenser is primarily focused on how to deal with the fouling problem of the evaporative condenser.

Since the water on the surface of the tube is constantly evaporating and easy to form, the working environment of the evaporative condenser is outdoor, and high temperature and humidity, easy to corrode, so the upper and lower boxes should ensure a satisfactory galvanizing thickness.

In normal operation, it is necessary to keep the equipment pipeline clean, and preventive inspections should be done frequently to complete the maintenance and maintenance of the evaporative condenser to the greatest extent. 

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The pre-film anti-scaling treatment is carried out when the condenser is made, which can effectively prevent the adhesion of fouling crystals on the surface of the copper pipe; a small amount of continuous drainage equipment is selected to control the concentration of calcium ions in the cooling circulating water within a certain range, which can effectively prevent fouling Qualitative separation

Set up a pre-cooler to make the surface evaporation temperature of the condenser tube below 50°C, and use a large-volume, intensive water distributor to ensure that the surface of the condenser tube is always covered by a water film without drying spots.

The above introduction about the evaporative condenser is hoped to help you. In fact, the energy-saving and water-saving projects generally need to be designed based on the concentration of steam, heat, steam composition, and how to collect it. If you have related problems, you can contact us by email, and we will provide you with a complete set of corporate solutions and technologies.

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