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Maintenance of heat exchanger

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Under natural conditions, it is also a kind of parts that are prone to aging.

 If the seal is thermally hardened, it will lose its original elasticity, which will cause the heat exchanger to not work properly. 

The main influence methods include the working method of the heat exchanger, the corrosiveness of the heat dissipation mediumand the cleaning agent used, and the greater stress of the gasket due to excessive pressure.

Relatively speaking, the softening and pressure of the elastic gasket are related to the specific temperature. 

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Once the gasket loses its elasticity, the heat exchanger will leak. Among different products, in order to better solve the dripping phenomenon caused by the aging of the gasket, the sealing performance of the heat exchanger can be adjusted.

Of course, for the new heat exchanger plate group, a smaller allowable stress should be used for connection and fixing. At this time, it should be decided whether to adjust at one time or in multiples according to the number of heat exchanger fins in each group.

 And every time you tighten, you can screw the nut in. However, in the process of tightening, attention should be paid to the stress of the adjustment piece.

Whether the plate heat exchanger or other electromechanical equipment needs to be repaired during use, we still need to pay attention to its maintenancein order to better use the equipment.

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