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Measures to deal with excessive pressure drop of tubular condenser

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    Although tubular condensers have many advantages over conventional condensation equipment, they are also prone to problems such as excessive pressure drop, which in turn can lead to a series of adverse consequences. It is not difficult to solve this problem of the tubular condenser, but only comprehensive management from multiple aspects. On the one hand, the use of circulating water, especially secondary circulating water, must use softened soft water as the secondary circulating water of the tube condenser to control the impurity content in the water not to exceed the standard to ensure its purity.

    On the other hand, in view of the fact that the tube is applied to the condenser of the central heating system, a method of replenishing water to the secondary can be used. It is also important to regularly remove dirt or scum from the flow path of the tube condenser. When cleaning the scale on the surface of the tube condenser, you can use sulfamate solution, nitrate solution or nitric acid solution containing urea nutrients, aniline or thiocyanate as the cleaning solution. The cleaning temperature is controlled at 40°C-60° C, cannot be too high or too low.

    If the method of chemical immersion cleaning is carried out without disassembling the tubular condenser, please open the inlet and outlet of the refrigerant before installing the equipment, or install the cleaning port on the inlet and outlet of the medium for cleaning. Liquid is injected into the device. However, disassembly and cleaning are much simpler. Immerse the plate of the tube condenser in the cleaning solution for 30 minutes, then use a soft brush to gently grind the scale, and then clean it with water. Avoid cleaning the plate during the cleaning process. Rubber mat.

    Correct selection of the welding process of the condenser is an important factor to ensure quality. In addition to considering the choice of welding method, welding rod, welding location, transportation conditions, etc., preheating before welding and heat treatment after welding should also be considered. Preheating, temperature and method should be determined according to the nature of the metal material and preheating conditions. In order to prevent welding deformation and reduce residual stress, the ends of each pipe are spot welded in sequence, and each pipe needs to be evenly welded before welding. The number of divided regions depends on the diameter of the tube sheet, and the large tube sheet can be divided into several regions.


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