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Oil cooler How to distinguish

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Air-cooled oil cooler

  The core of the air-cooled oil cooler is composed of many cooling pipes and cooling plates. When the car is running, the hot oil cooler core is cooled by the oncoming wind of the car. Air-cooled oil coolers require good surrounding ventilation. It is difficult to ensure sufficient ventilation space on ordinary cars, and they are generally rarely used. This type of cooler is mostly used in racing cars because of the high speed of the racing car and the large cooling air volume.

Water-cooled oil cooler

  The oil cooler is placed in the cooling water circuit and uses the temperature of the cooling water to control the temperature of the lubricating oil. When the temperature of the lubricating oil is high, the temperature of the lubricating oil is reduced by the cooling water. When the engine is started, the heat is absorbed from the cooling water to increase the temperature of the lubricating oil. The oil cooler is composed of a shell made of aluminum alloy, a front cover, a rear cover and a copper core tube. In order to enhance cooling, heat sinks are fitted outside the tube. Cooling water flows outside the pipe, and lubricating oil flows inside the pipe, and the two exchange heat. There are also structures in which oil flows outside the pipe and water flows inside the pipe.

  Engine lubricating oil cooler: cooling the lubricating oil of the engine, keeping the temperature of the oil at a reasonable temperature (90-120 degrees) and reasonable viscosity; the installation position is in the cylinder block of the engine, and the installation is integrated with the housing during installation

Transmission oil cooler

  The lubricating oil for cooling the transmission is installed in the drain compartment of the engine radiator or outside of the gearbox housing, if it is air-cooled, installed at the front end of the radiator.

Retarder oil cooler

  It cools the lubricating oil when the retarder is working. It is installed on the outside of the gearbox and is mostly shell-and-tube or water-oil composite products.

Exhaust gas recirculation cooler

  It is a device used to cool part of the exhaust gas returned to the engine cylinder, the purpose is to reduce the content of nitrogen oxides in automobile exhaust

Air cooler

  Also called an intercooler, it is a device used to cool the high temperature and high pressure air after the engine is supercharged. Through the cooling of the intercooler, the temperature of the supercharged air can be reduced, thereby increasing the density of the air, so as to achieve the purpose of engine power, fuel consumption and emission reduction.


The function of the lubricating oil cooler is to forcibly cool the oil to prevent excessive oil temperature from increasing oil consumption, and to prevent the oil from oxidizing and degrading.

Status quo

  The lubricating oil cooler is miniaturized, and the longitudinal flow type small oil cooler is designed in the form of the integrated pin-fin tube and the smooth tube mixed tube bundle, as well as the smooth tube arc-shaped baffle oil cooler, and the integral pin-fin tube arc-shaped baffle oil The cooler has a higher heat transfer per unit volume under the same oil mass flow on the shell side, and a lower pressure drop on the shell side, which has superior overall performance.

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