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Performance advantages of evaporative condenser

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The evaporative condenser is the main refrigeration system. Its function is to cool the high-temperature superheated refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor into a liquid state. Since the 1970s, developed countries have begun to replace water-cooled condensers with evaporative condensers. In recent years, evaporative condensers have also been applied to various refrigeration systems, including cold storage, central air conditioning, industrial refrigeration units, etc.

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What are the performance advantages of evaporative condensers?

1. Water saving

The evaporative condenser makes full use of the latent heat of vaporization of water. The general water-cooled condenser can take away 16.75~25.12KJ of heat per 1Kg of cooling water, while 1Kg of water can take away about 2428KJ of heat when evaporating at room temperature, so the evaporative condenser theory Water consumption is only 1% of that of water-cooled condensers. Taking into account factors such as splash loss, sewage and water exchange, the actual water consumption is about 5%-10% of water-cooled condensers. Evaporative condensers greatly reduce water loss. The northern regions with severe water shortages are of great significance.

2. Energy saving

Same as the air-cooled condenser, the condensing capacity is limited by the ambient dry bulb temperature, while the evaporative condenser is limited by the ambient wet bulb temperature, and the wet bulb temperature is 8-14℃ lower than the general dry bulb temperature, plus the upper side fan The negative pressure environment caused by the equipment, so compared with the air-cooled condenser, the evaporative condenser has a lower condensation temperature. And every time the condensing temperature rises by 1°C, the power consumption per unit cooling capacity will increase by 3% to 3.5%, so the total power consumption of the evaporative condenser will also be significantly reduced, and the energy saving effect is obvious. Compared with other cooling condensers, it can save energy by 20%-40% in HVAC system.

3. Compact structure

Since there is no need to install a cooling tower, the entire device has a compact structure, a small volume, a small footprint, easy installation, and a small amount of daily maintenance.

4. No pollution to the environment

Many chemical plants used shell-and-tube or shower condensers in the past. In summer, due to the high condensing pressure, they often use "venting and depressurization", but each time they release non-condensable gas, they contain a lot of ammonia. According to sampling and analysis by relevant departments, it is sometimes as high as 90%, which not only causes serious ammonia loss, but also causes environmental pollution. However, this phenomenon does not exist after using an evaporative condenser.

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