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Plate Heat Exchanger Heating Unit

Maximum design pressure: 2.5MPa
Design temperature: 150 ℃
Maximum heating area: 400000 m²
Flow rate: 2000 m³ /h
  • GU-006
  • THT

Product Description

THT developed the plate for exclusive application to vapor condensing in large volume. THT plate type condenser of lightweight and compact construction has the 

heat transfer performance of 2 to 3 times as high as the conventional multi-tube type and, in addition, their required installation space and weight are respectively 1/2 to 1/3 of the multi-tube type. Corrosion resistant metal such as stainless 

steel, titanium, High Nickel alloy, etc. are selectively available as the plate material.

Plate heat exchanger heating unit for central and district heating unit, which is widely used in thermal energy area.

Oil Cooling Unit Technical Parameters

Maximum design pressure: 2.5MPa

Design temperature: 150 ℃

Maximum heating area: 400000 m²

Flow rate: 2000 m³ /h

Product Feature

Each THT  intelligent heat exchange unit are tailored according to different process demand, insist on humanization, intelligent, systematic and the design principle of energy conservation, choose good product components, from the interrelationship between the clearance fit and no linkage, improve the heat transfer efficiency and reduce the operation energy consumption optimization design, the construction industry for the first filling, group, welding robot production line for production, meet the market energy saving, convenient, comfortable and safe and stable operation of the need for a long time.

Product Advantage

Internet of things integration technology combining function integration, network integration and software interface;

High degree of intelligence, energy saving, environmental protection, to help customers to achieve centralized, efficient, convenient management.

Product Application

It is mainly used in decentralized heating and domestic hot water for buildings and small area.

Why Choose GUphe

1. Abundant Manufacturing Experience: We have been in this line of heat exchangers & plates & gaskets for more than 30 years.

2. Professional Technical Team: Professional technicians & teams for R&D, manufacturing, promoting heat exchangers & plates & gaskets.

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6. Current Market: North&South America; Europe, Asia etc.

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