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Plate Heat Exchanger Plates and Gaskets

Plate Material:Stainless Stee SS304 SS316L/Titanium/SMO254/C276
Plate Thickness:0.4mm~0.7mm
Fluid Resistance:Suitable for Fluid
Stainless Steel(AISI304,316L):clean water, river water, edible oil, mineral oil
  • GU-019
  • THT

PHE Plates Products Description

Each heat transfer plate is corrugated to various patterns to increase its strength and heat transfer area. Furthermore, the corrugation creates high turbulence and thereby achieve high heat transfer coefficient. The plate is provided with passage hole on each corner. Each plate is tight sealed with a gasket fitted in its peripheral groove.

The plates are divided into A-plate and B-plate, and a passage is formed between these plates. The high temperature fluid flows alternately and in the opposite direction of the other fluid. Thus high efficient transfer of heat is achieved through these plates. A-plate when reversed would become B-plate. As such only one type of plate can be used as A-plate and B-plate for most models.

PHE Plates Details

Plate Material

Stainless Stee SS304 SS316L/Titanium/SMO254/C276

Plate Thickness


Fluid Resistance

Suitable for Fluid

Stainless Steel(AISI304,316L)

clean water, river water, edible oil, mineral oil


Water, Salt water, saline water, mineral water


High temperature and high concentration of caustic soda


Concentrated sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid

SMO 254

acid, dilute sulphuric acid

Plates For Plate Heat Exchanger Design

Plates For Plate Heat Exchanger Design

Heat Exchanger Plate Picture

Heat Exchanger Plate Picture

Heat Exchanger Gasket Product Description

1. The phe gasket for plate heat exchanger is fixed around the plate. And the functions of heat exchanger rubber phe gasket are as below: firstly, it can seal to avoid leakage of fluid; secondly, gasket makes certain gap between plates which can form fluid passage.
2. The temperature of plate heat exchanger gasket/phe rubber sealed gasket is working temperature of plate heat exchanger, the pressure of PHE is restricted by gasket.
3. The plate heat exchanger gasket is used to seal between plates. Reasonable design of gasket plays a key role in convenience, reliability andsafety when using.

Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket

Gasket Material
Operating Temperature(℃)
Suitable for Fluid
Water, Sea Water, Mineral Oil, Salty Water
Mineral oil, thermal oil
Hot Water, Steam, Acid, Caustic, Ammonia,vapour,acid, alkali etc.
Ammonia,Mineral oil, Lubricant
Ammonia water

Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Picture Show



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1.Abundant Manufacturing Experience: We have been in this line of heat exchangers & plates & gaskets for more than 30 years.

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