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Plate heat exchanger treatment before connecting pipeline

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Before connecting the pipes of the plate heat exchanger, relevant processing must be done first, so that the heat exchanger and pipes can be installed smoothly and the connection quality can be guaranteed.

So the following editor will talk about what processing needs to be done before connecting.

1. The connecting pipes of the plate heat exchanger should be properly handled. To prevent the weight of the pipeline and the pulling or thrust of thermal expansion and contraction from acting on its connecting flange, the connecting pipeline of the heat exchanger should be equipped with a 90° elbow.

2. There should be a drain valve before the steam inlet valve to drain the water and dirt in the pipe before starting to prevent water hammer and dirt from being brought into the pipe.

3. The material pipe should be equipped with bypass and valve, and the bottom drain pipe should be installed at the lowest point.

4. There should be joints for testing water pressure, and the channels on both sides should be tested for water pressure before opening.

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Especially before connecting the pipes of the plate heat exchanger, the dirt in the pipes must be cleaned, otherwise after connecting with the heat exchanger, it is very likely that the dirt will enter the heat exchanger and pollute and block the equipment. And other issues.

Therefore, before connecting the pipeline, the processing content mentioned in the above editor must be in place.

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