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Precautions for operation of heat exchange unit

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1.The initial operation is slow, and the temperatureshould be fully preheated and gradually increased.

2.Perform preheating of the pressure safety valve and adjustment after operation.

3.The heat exchanger should start with the cold side valve and open the hot side valve when it is stable. When parking, first close the hot side valve, and then close the cold side valve.

4.After the heat exchanger is in normal operation, close the steam heat exchanger, trap and bypass valve, and the suction device works normally.

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If the trap temperature is too low, such as 50 degrees Celsius, you can open the bypass valve. If the trap temperature is too high, over 90 degrees Celsius and the water system does not operate under pressure such as condensation, close the bypass valve to prevent steam from passing through and causing water effects.

5.Operation adjustment, mainly adjust the temperature and flow of water supply according to weather changes. The operator mainly controls the superheated steam in the tube heat exchanger to reach the water outlet temperature.

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