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Process improvement, continuous pursuit of excellence

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THT always adheres to the original quality principle and takes improving the quality of products and services as its own responsibility. Compared with the previous generation of press-isolation station products, P45F has made a number of improvements and upgrades in pressing plate, conveying plate, positioning and other aspects, which effectively reduces the chance of scratches in the operation of the plate, and carries out sandblasting treatment on the upper beam, bracket and foundation, so as to improve the anti-corrosion ability of the whole machine and greatly improve the appearance of the product.

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In addition, the rubber gasket installation of P45F also uses a rectangular buckle rubber gasket fixed patent technology (SAFE - LOCK), separate sealed and fixed function, realized the big board piece of card, receive free stick gasket technology breakthrough, after repeatedly disassembling remained strong don't fall off, rubber mat under the condition of no corrosion minimum service life for up to 5 years, effectively reduce the customer's maintenance costs, extend the product life cycle.


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Standardize production and strive to improve customer experience

"The aim of our work is to make it as easy for customers to shop for heat exchangers as in a supermarket. 

Leave the complexity to ourselves and the convenience and efficiency to the customer." THT adheres to excellence and provides customers with more than 10,000 product selection schemes every year, providing customers with more cost-effective products and services, and delivering great value to customers. 

By carrying out standardized management, THT will gradually realize standardized and modular production, and constantly improve the quality of products.


Make products attentively, win trust by quality. THT never stops the pace of innovation and development.

Adhering to the craftsman spirit of "only 0.1", THT is committed to improving the level of product manufacturing and giving back to customers with high-quality products and services.

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