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The advantages of solar water heaters

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Solar water heater is a solar system that uses the sun to heat your domestic hot water. Just like a solar power system, it uses panels tocollect solar energy. However, these panels contain water-based fluids that can transfer the heat of the sun down to the hot water tank.

Without mixing fluids, the system uses a device called a heat exchanger to transfer the heat of the sun to your hot water supply. The cooled liquid returns to the panel to absorb more heat-you will get hot water discharged from the material, which can be used for showering, washing clothes and washing dishes.

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The benefits of solar water heating, although solar water heaters will not directly reduce your water consumption, it does bring many benefits. Here are just a few:

1. Deal with climate change.

Hot water heating accounts for 17% of typical household energy consumption. Many houses in North America use natural gas or other fossil fuels to heat water. That is a lot of carbon entering the atmosphere. Switching to solar water heating is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and other greenhouse gas emissions and protect our climate.

2. Protect air quality.

Many other households use electricity to heat water. More than one-third of the electricity in some large cities comes from coal. Coal particles and other by-products pollute our air and cause many negative environmental and health effects. When you use solar hot water for heating, you become part of solving these public health problems.

3. Protect water quality.

Carbon and particulates are not the only by-products of burning fossil fuels. The Natural Resources Defense Council has determined that power plants are the main source of mercury and other toxic heavy metals released into the environment each year. These substances are a major threat to the health of our rivers, streams and lakes as well as human health. Solar water heating is a practical step we can take to stop mercury pollution in the watershed.

4. Save electricity bills every month.

Even in temperate climates, solar water heaters can meet 80% of your hot water demand. This means saving a lot of utility bills every month. In fact, solar water heating systems usually only take four to eight years to pay for themselves, and they can last for 40 years or more. That is a lot of free energy, and a lot of savings.

5. Increase the value of the house.

Studies have shown that houses with solar energy sell faster and at higher prices than houses without solar energy. Therefore, adding solar hot water to your house is an investment, and this investment will pay off whether you keep it or sell it.

The magical benefits of solar water heating

Of course, every day is not a whole day in the sun. Solar water heaters usually have a spare gas water heater or electric water heater, which can be used when there is little sunlight. However, many owners of solar water heaters prefer to use backup heating as little as possible. Instead, they will use hot water to make games when hot water is most readily available. Changes in small habits, such as washing clothes on sunny days, can save more environment and economy.

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