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The approximate range of the heat transfer coefficient of common partition wall heat exchangers

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The approximate range of the heat transfer coefficient of common partition wall heat exchangers

Heat exchanger formHeat exchange fluidHeat transfer coefficient(W/ m2·℃)Remarks
Shell and tube (light tube)GasGas10~35Atmospheric pressure
GasHigh pressure gas170~160200~300bar
High pressure gasGas170~450200~300bar
GasClear water20~70Atmospheric pressure
High pressure gasClear water200~700200~300bar
Clear waterClear water1000~2000
Clear waterWater vapor condensation2000~4000
 High viscosity liquidClear water100~300Liquid laminar flow
High temperature liquidGas30
Low viscosity liquidClear water200~450Liquid laminar flow
Water spray type horizontal tube coolerSteam condensationClear water350~1000
GasClear water20~60Atmospheric pressure
High pressure gasClear water170~350100 bar
High pressure gasClear water300~900200~300 bar
Disc-shaped tube (outside immersed in liquid)Water vapor condensationAgitating fluid700~2000
Water vapor condensationBoiling liquid1000~3500
Cold waterAgitating fluid900~1400
Water vapor condensationLiquid280~1400
Clear waterClear water600~900
High pressure gasAgitating fluid100~350Copper tube 200~300 bar
Sleeve typeGasGas10~35
High pressure gasGas20~60200~300 bar
High pressure gasHigh pressure gas170~450200~300 bar
High pressure gasClear water200~600200~300 bar
Spiral plateClear waterClear water1700~2200
Transformer oilClear water350~450
Plate heat exchangerClear waterClear water4500~6500Medium velocity is around 0.5m / s
OilClear water500~700
Bee spiral umbrella plate heat exchangerClear waterClear water2000~3500The material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti
OilClear water300~370
Plate finClear waterClear water3000~4500
Cold waterOil400~600Based on oil side area
GasClear water80~200Air fresh water 80 ~ 200 Air side mass ratio 12 ~ 40kg / m2 · s

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