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The development status of plate heat exchanger technology

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The use of plate heat exchangers is becoming more and more widespread. This is also because the development of plate heat exchanger technology is very stable, and the development of high-tech skills is constantly being born, so it occupies a large proportion of the heat exchange field. It is easy to see that the plate heat exchanger The purpose of the development of heat exchanger technology is to improve heat transfer efficiency and reduce energy consumption costs. What are the skills that are expanding outward? Today I will summarize for you.

  The current status of plate heat exchanger technology development is as follows:

From the beginning of planning, development and production, each plate heat exchanger manufacturer is developing high-tech skills. Whether a manufacturer’s plate heat exchanger skills has been updated depends on the refined technology of the equipment, especially the processing technology of the frame and components. And whether the welding skills are accurate.

   Now most of the heat exchanger manufacturers use cfd simulation for numerical calculation, which is also an important method for the planning and development of new plate heat exchangers, and it is still based on this until now.gasketed hot water plate heat exchanger- GUPHE

  1. Anti-vibration skills

This skill is a point of special concern to our users. Many users say that the plate heat exchanger acts on the side of the heat exchange unit to form a set of integrated heat exchange station equipment. Although the heat exchange efficiency is good, it is separated from the heat exchange. Residents standing nearby will have a significant noise impact. The representative of the anti-vibration skills is the baffle plate heat exchanger, and its effect is also very significant.

  2. Anti-scaling skills

This skill has been developed and gradually strengthened. With the continuous improvement of the technology, the equipment of various manufacturers began to temper the exterior or select special exterior shapes. Pacific, as a large-scale manufacturer among them, chooses the galvanizing process. The method is nothing more than to ensure that the equipment is not easy to structure, even if it is attached to the more difficult to remove impurities, it can be quickly cleaned up.

  3. Anti-corrosion skills

   If the equipment does not undergo anti-corrosion treatment processes, many processes will not be able to complete the operation. From the initial anode protection technology to the birth of new anti-corrosion materials, each process has brought a greater anti-corrosion performance improvement for the plate heat exchanger.

  4. Equipment enhancement skills

The appearance of every new frontal plate heat exchanger indicates that the new product will replace the old product, whether it is in some high-tech fields such as thermal jubilation heat transfer, gas enhanced heat transfer, dropwise condensation heat transfer, microbial heat transfer, etc. And other fields, all require constant experimentation.

   5. Adaptability enhancement skills

  The equipment has now completed the technical process of using large-scale equipment and small equipment in series. At the same time, there are specific operating rules in more fields. As long as the operation and application are performed in accordance with the manufacturer's list, there will be no problems beyond the phenomenon.

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