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The World’s largest Winding pipe Tube Heat Exchanger Was Hoisted Into Place

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The largest and heaviest heat exchanger of the methanol purification unit of Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., LTD., a coke gasification and production of 600,000 tons/year olefin project, was successfully lifted and placed in place.

The heat exchanger is the largest steel side tubesheet winding pipe tube heat exchanger equipment in the world. The heat exchanger used in this hoisting is the raw material gas cooler I (1132E001) of the low-temperature methanol washing unit no. 1 of the purification unit of Baofeng Methanol Project. It is 16.8 meters long, 5.084 meters in diameter and weighs 478 tons.

The design of the equipment adopts the structure form of single shell pass and three tubes pass. It uses the cooling capacity of conversion purification gas, carbon dioxide product gas and tail gas respectively to reduce the temperature of shift conversion gas. The heat exchange area is 18,600 square meters, which can effectively recover more cooling capacity and reduce the operation consumption of the low-temperature methanol washing unit. Compared with the traditional fixed tubesheet heat exchanger, it has the advantages of high heat transfer efficiency and small floor space.

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