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Sewage Treatment Plate Heat Exchanger

Maximum design pressure: 1.2MPa
Design temperature: 90℃
Maximum heat exchange area: 500m²
Flow rate: 400m³ /h
  • GU-005
  • THT

Product Description

Fully welded wide channel pate heat exchanger is specially created for the special requirements of customers.

Heat Exchanger Refinery Technical Parameters

Maximum design pressure: 1.2MPa

Design temperature: 90℃

Maximum heat exchange area: 500m²

Flow rate: 400m³ /h

Heat Exchanger In Petroleum Refinery Feature

The unique single-pass wide channel design of the heat exchanger for sewage treatment not only satisfies the heat exchange area, but also maximizes the blocking probability of the heat exchanger caused by impurities in the sewage.By limiting the velocity of sewage flow in the heat exchanger of the sewage treatment plate, the precipitation of sewage impurities on the surface of the heat exchanger can be avoided to affect the heat exchange efficiency.In addition, due to the simple structure and convenient operation of the waste water treatment plate heat exchanger, it is convenient to clean and maintain the equipment after trial.

Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger In Oil Refinery Advantage

Sewage treatment plate heat exchanger plays a very important role in green building, energy saving and emission reduction.When the development of soil-source heat pump and ground-water heat pump encounters unsolvable problems, the emergence of sewage heat exchangers, make the sewage-source heat pump system  developed, wastewater treatment plate heat exchanger effectively solved the difficulty of wastewater use, such as the scale formation ,blockage and corrosion of urban primary sewage in sewage utilization, so that enables the heat pump to utilize the urban raw sewage to promote the further development of heat pump.

Refinery Heat Exchanger Application

The wide channel welded plate heat exchanger is used in heat exchange, air cooler, air preheater, compressor interstage cooler, ammonia cooler etc. Additionally, in heat exchanger for crude oil and residual oil, air cooling in power plants, plate evaporative air cooling, MDEA solution heat transfer, plate coal economizer and so on.

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