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Semi-welded Plate Heat Exchanger

Maximum design pressure: 3MPa
Maximum operating temperature: 200℃
Minimum operating temperature: -40℃
  • GU-012
  • THT

Product Description for semi-welded plate heat exchanger

Semi-welded plate heat exchanger is made by laser welding with two plates along the seal groove, a couple of plates is laser welded with o-ring at port holes, between the welded plate pairs the channel is sealed by rubber gasket and clamped in the form of superposition between a fixed clamping plate and a movable clamping plate, thus semi-welded plate heat exchanger can be used for higher pressure by two times to conventional plate heat exchanger.

Technical Parameters

Maximum design pressure 3MPa
Maximum operating temperature 200℃
Minimum operating temperature -40℃

Product Picture

semi welded plate heat exchanger

Working principle 

Channels are formed between the plates and the corner ports are arranged so that the two media flow through alternate channels. The heat is transferred through the plate between the channels, and complete counter-current flow is created for highest possible efficiency. The corrugation of the plates provides the passage between the plates, supports each plate against the adjacent one and enhances the turbulence, resulting in efficient heat transfer.

Product Feature

Compact structure, strong anti-leakage, high efficiency of heat exchanger , flexible adjusting plate pack, convenient maintenance and cleaning.

Product Applicaiton

Semi welded plate heat exchanger is mainly used in ammonia refrigeration, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial fields.

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