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What is brazed plate heat exchanger?

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Brazed plate heat exchanger (small household overheated water): no gas or electricity, hot water is always with you. The heating water is used to heat the tap water into domestic water at 30 ℃ -65 ℃. This equipment is connected to the heating pipeline in series, without affecting the heating. The heated high-temperature hot water and tap water (absolutely not mixed) are exchanged and exchanged within this equipment. The tap water is absorbed and absorbed, and the water temperature is rapidly increased into hot water. The heat of the hot water heats the tap water, which is hot immediately after opening, without waiting. There is much hot water produced, the water temperature is high, and the temperature difference from the heated hot water temperature is about 5 ° C. The heated hot water circulates quickly to provide a continuous flow of heat, so it can achieve continuous supply of clean hot water around the clock. Used for bathing, washing vegetables, cooking, laundry, etc., hot water is everything. Let your home tap water no longer cool in winter!


Mini volume, exquisite appearance and high thermal efficiency.

Food grade stainless steel material, never corroded, corrosion-resistant.

Long length, maximum pressure 1.6MPA.

Energy saving and environmental protection.

The patented technology of the single-piece vortex flow through the water channel design will never scale and "zero" offset.


Heat exchange area: 0.015 (m2)

Product pressure rating: 1.5Mpa

Design pressure: 1.5Mpa

Test pressure: 2.5Mpa

Design temperature: 0 ℃ -100 ℃

Maximum flow on the water side: 6m3 / h

Maximum number of assembled pieces: 100 pieces

Plate optional material: 304

Minimum takeover size: R1 / 2 "

Maximum takeover size: R1 "

Structure type of brazed plate heat exchanger

A. The most conventional flow channel structure of single-flow structure. The four takeovers are on the same side. It should not be blocked. It is suitable for the case where the temperature of the heat source water is high.

B. Special flow channel structure with double process structure. The four connecting pipes are not on the same side. It is suitable for installation. It is suitable for the case where the temperature of the heat source water is not high.

Precautions for use of brazed plate heat exchanger

A filter must be installed before the heat source water inlet of the heat exchanger to prevent the insertion of the heat exchanger. It is recommended to install it upright. During installation, ensure that the heat source water and cold water enter the heat exchanger in a convection flow direction.

When not in use for a long time, the water accumulated in the heat exchanger should be drained to prevent the occurrence of low-temperature icing or high-temperature corrosion. Heat exchanger

If the heat exchange efficiency drops, cleaning and descaling should be carried out in time.

When installing the inverter, the connecting cable cannot be used to support and fix it. It must be placed on the bench. Before installing the brazed plate heat exchanger, heat insulation material should be used to do heat insulation treatment to eliminate condensate. It is tightly fixed by a metal splint or tie rod.

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